MsnRise Beta

MsnRise Beta

For dowload MsnRise to your computer ;



For direct download to your phone with wap browser;

Proxyless Msn client.

-Supports direct picture and voice sending and receiving.

-Personal message
-Message screen uses CustomItem,so write and see what is happening (t9 support).
-Incoming mail headers can be seen.
-Shows unread mails number.
-typing status

-Audio format selection,
-Image format and size selection,

Will support soon;

-Battleship game; two player over internet,
-Checkers game two player over internet,Based on CustomItem,


MsnRise 0.99
Copyright © 2006 Ali Cumhur Çevik All rights reserved

This applicatoion uses MD5 library written by Timothy W. Macinta and others.

For more information about MD5 library;

MD5 library source code and LGPL license