SMS Rise (Sms Image, Video)

No need MMS, Send image and video by SMS.

Main purpose of this application is sending image and video by sms message.
Most of the cases, it is much more cheaper then sending sms rather than mms.
And sending mms is not supported between countries.
Solution is “Sms Rise” app.
-Video attachment up to 1mb.
**Use MMS setting while video recording..
It has also a “mini” drawing application(sliding toolbar).

Now it has integrated Photo Editing Application.

*Photo editing functions:
-9 ready to use filters(Punch, Vintage, Black/White, Instant, Latte, Blue, Litho, X Process)
-7 Frame
-Straighten, Crop, Rotate, Mirror
-10 more detailed filters(Autocolor, Exposure, Vignette, Contrast, Shadows, Vibrance, Curves, Hue, Saturation, BW Filter)
-History (slide left to reach history)

*Usage of photo editing
-On photo editing screen slide left to open history and slide right to close history
-To use Rotate or Mirror slide the screen with your finger.
-From the bottom tabs change screens .(Ready Filters, Frames, Crop, Detailed Filters)
-Use back button to save and use the image in Draw Fun.

1-From any application; Share–>Sms Rise
2-Draw on image
3-Send wap/web link of the image with SMS.
4-Images will be deleted after 24 hours.

App name changed to Sms Rise from SendTc