My Valentine Wallpaper Free

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
My Valentine Wallpaper

Valentine’s Day Live Wallpaper with lots of bubbles raining from the sky.

Works on all screen sizes, tablets etc.
My Valentine Wallpaper is a beautiful live wallpaper with bubbles falling from the sky. It has paralax layer, seems like a 3d effect when you slide your home screen. Every bubbles will move with their layer.
This is the free version. There will be a paid version which will not have ads.

Love is universal, here is the “Love” in many languages: Amore, Aşk, Liefde, Liebe, Dashuri, Eşk, Cinta, Armartus, Mahal, Rakkaus, L’amour, Cariad, Ljubav, Gra, Al amor,Karlek, Ast, AMOR, Milosc, Meile, Szerelem, Dragoste, Laska, ljubezen