Are you ready for a mystic space adventure?

You are alone on this trip, You must have nerves of steel,
and you must push the limits.

For other planets you must collect all diamonds.

You will see different adventures when you wandering between galaxies,
so you must be prepared for surprises.

Black holes, enemies or lost in the depths of space will cause retain the road to the goal.

Sometimes you have clones, maybe they will help you but you must protect them.
If they lost on space you will be lost too.

There are some surprise bonuses, you can reach speed of light or
your engines can be fail. So be careful.

Time is not always your friend. Collect diamonds to increase time.

You have to hurry before the end of your energy.

Every galaxy have different exit.
If your tactical is not enough to complete that
level try to change your tactical.

If you want to cheat, go to MAZE Shop and buy some diamond.
After that all the doors will be opened.

It is a teeter, tilt game with labyrinths and mazes. you should keep your device balanced to play the game.
There are 3 different colors with 15 unique levels each.
You need to collect diamonds to unlock levels or worlds.